81mm Round Magnet - ALB Materials Inc

81mm Round Magnet - ALB Materials Inc

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81mm Round Magnet Harbor Freight Tools Amazing deals on this 81Mm Round Magnet at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices. A general-purpose magnet for countless applications $459 This extremely versatile round magnet is rated up to 95 lb. for a v

Master Magnetics Round Base Magnet, 65-Lb. Capacity, Model# 07222

Master Magnetics #07223 3.19d Round Base Magnet, 1 magnet included : Industrial & Scientific

Cylindrical Magnet Assemblies - Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

These magnetic assemblies are low profile with attachment hole in the center for fastener. Attachment hole in center will accommodate hook, knob, eyebolt, or other fastener. Magnetic on one side only with 1. 0 area for fastener. Position or hold inspection equipment, indicator gauges, lights, signs, antennas and more.

Master Magnetics Ceramic Round Base Magnet - 2.618 Diameter, 0.375 Thick, 0.275 Center Hole, 65 Pound Pull Ea, Nickle Plated, Pack of 3, RB70CX3

This product is easy to use This product is highly durable This product is manufactured in China

Master Magnetics #07223 3.19d Round Base Magnet, 1 magnet included

Design of a variable-diameter wheel with a novel distributed compliant mechanism - ScienceDirect

150 Pcs Round Magnets with North Pole Marking - Ceramic Thin Magnets - Craft Magnets Size is 22 mm (7/8) : Industrial & Scientific

MAGNETIC STRENGTH (GRADE 8) - Chemical compound of permanent ferrite magnets is SrO-6 (Fe2O3), a combination of strontium carbonate and iron oxide.

CMS MAGNETICS - 8-Pack RB36 C8 Ceramic Ferrite Round Base Magnet with Chrome Plated Steel Cup and 15 LB Pull Force - Cup Diameter: 36mm, Center Hole

Quantum Dots Bearing Lectin-Functionalized Nanoparticles as a Platform for In Vivo Brain Imaging

Permanent Magnets For Sale - ALB Materials Inc

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