A73MZ - Ceramic Tweezer Tips

A73MZ - Ceramic Tweezer Tips

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Kit of 2 Ceramic tips and 3 screws - tips: straight, fine, pointed (for #73MZ.SA Tweezers). OAL: 50mm - 1.97

Tweezer Replacement Tips - Tools & Hand Tools

Tweezer Tips

• Non Magnetic & Anti-Static• Heat Insulating• Electrically Insulating • More Resistant to Hard Evironments then either Metal or Resin Tweezers Size

Model-71-MZ Ceramic Tipped Tweezer

The Value-Tec ceramic tipped tweezers include hard, rigid and high

IDEAL-TEK catalogue 2015 by LINTECH FRANCE - Issuu

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Tweezer Set (4-Piece) for Women & Men - Professional Slant and

72MZ.SA.0 - Ceramic Replaceable Tip Tweezers

Great for adjusting electronic items with precisionReplaceable tipsNon-conductive ceramic tips are heat resistant up to 1300'CTip diameter

Stainless Steel / Ceramic Tweezers - Pointed White Tips

73MZ.SA.0 - Ceramic Replaceable Tip Tweezers