AK Interactive 3G Grey Primer 100ml

AK Interactive 3G Grey Primer 100ml

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AK-Interactive Formulated for any kind of surface, water soluble, high grip power in resins, metals, plastics and photoetches. 100 ml. bottle. Quick dry, Sandable in 24 hours. Self-leveling, It keeps all the details. No thinner needed. Non toxic.

3G Acrylic Dark Gull Grey FS 36231 AK11884

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AK Interactive Primers

3rd Generation Acrylic Model Paints - 3Gen

100mL Bottles. AK Interactive 3G

AK Interactive - 3rd Generation (3G) Acrylic Primers (Singles all colours) | Miniature Gamer

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paint – Page 3 – The Sword & Board

This 3Gen set of six colors have been designed to paint skin and flesh tones in miniature (previously AK3010). These colors have been designed to paint a basic skin color and can be used on any type of figure with excellent results with a very special tones. Changing the base color by adding varying amounts of included tones allows for endless possibilities in the creation of flesh tones affected by time, sun exposure, geography, and race.

AK Interactive Flesh and Skin Colors (The Original selection)

Primer AK Interactive

The ultimate liquid to remove paint completely or selectively from models or figures without damaging plastic, resin or white metal. Apply to the surface or miniature to be stripped and rub with a brush. Once the paint has been removed, wash the piece with soap and water to remove all traces of grease and product. Do not leave the parts immersed for a long time, as this product could damage the details if used incorrectly.

AK Interactive - Paint Stripper

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