Outsidepride Cornflower Seeds - Wildflower - 1/4 lb

Outsidepride Cornflower Seeds - Wildflower - 1/4 lb

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Cornflower is also known as Bachelor's Button. It makes a welcome addition to any wild flower seed garden due to its sky blue color. Cornflower has many other uses including: having sturdy, long stems for cut flowers, making attractive medium to tall backdrops for the perennial or wildflower garden, being extremely easy to grow from wildflower seed, and having some benefit in the medicinal garden. Blue cornflower grow as a 24 inch tall annual across the country in USDA zones 3 - 10.

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Without pollinators, our food resources would be drastically reduced. Pollination is required to produce seeds and fruit in up to 80 percent of the world's flowering plants, including 2/3 of the world's food plants. It would be difficult to imagine our food choices without food plants!.

Outsidepride Pollinator Wild Flower Seed - 1/4 lb

An old fashioned favorite, four o-clocks are fast growing bushy plants which are easy to grow from wild flower seed. They grow to about 36 inches tall and are covered with trumpet shaped, fragrant flowers that are attractive to hummingbirds. Flowers may be shades of red, pink, yellow, white or striped. Mirabilis flowers do not open until the late afternoon, and they are a wonderful addition to an evening garden.

Outsidepride Four O'Clock Flower Seed Plant Mix - 1/4 lb

When creating a lovely naturalized landscape setting, your goal is not necessarily to feed the deer! If you live in an area where deer often visit and enjoy eating your landscape, this wild flower seed mix offers flower species that deer do no usually find palatable. Under normal growing conditions, this mix usually reaches 24 48 inches in height.

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Cornflower is also known as Bachelor's Button. It makes a welcome addition to any wild flower seed garden due to its sky blue color. Cornflower has

Outsidepride Cornflower AKA Bachelor's Button Wildflower Seeds for The Cut Garden - 1/4 LB

This dry land wild flower mix is made up of 50% annuals and 50% biennials/perennials to give color the first season and for seasons to come. The species in this mix were chosen for their ability to tolerate drought. These flowers will thrive in dry climates where there might not be regular moisture or irrigation. Under normal conditions, the height of these wild flowers will by 36 48 inches.

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Introduce a fresh burst of color into your yard and garden with the Eden Brothers All Annual Wildflower Mix. This gorgeous mix of seeds designed for planting outdoors in a sunny, shade-free yard, garden, or field is a pollinator attractor and will stand up to harsh weather conditions and hungry critters.

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Mirabilis jalapa, or commonly known as Four O’Clock, is a tender perennial that produces an abundance of flowers all summer long. The plants can reach 18 – 36 inches in height and the same in width. This four O'Clock variety is an 18 - 36 vining plant which can grow as a perennial in USDA zones 8 - 10. The trumpet-shaped flowers are white and can be in clusters or single blooms, and they have a vanilla scent attracting hummingbirds.

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