Economy Stretched Canvas : 11 X 14 Box of 20 : 5/8 Econo White

Economy Stretched Canvas : 11 X 14 Box of 20 : 5/8 Econo White

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Our Econo Stretched Canvas is the lowest priced stretched canvas in the U.S! It is the best halfway point between canvas panels and professional artists' stretched canvas! The number one low cost alternative - our Econo Stretched Canvas was designed to give students\ aspiring artists the experience and brush response of painting on a stretched canvas surface . Made from 100% cotton duck canvas with acid free acrylic primer, Econo canvases are stretched around a wood stretcher frame and stapled onto to the back for clean, paintable edges that are 5/8” deep. Sold in boxes of 20. Gallery Stretched All Canvas is Gallery stretched which means that the staples are only in the back and cannot be seen once canvas is on the wall, resulting in paintable edges. Thicker\stronger canvas: We use 7 oz Triple Primed canvas- stronger and more durable than most of our competitors for economy grade canvas. Triple Primed: All canvas is coated with 3 layers of acid free acrylic gesso, making it ready to paint on and smoothing the surface for medium-smooth texture. Rust Free: Every staple we use is galvanized, eliminating staple corrosion. Perfect Angles: We use machinist accuracy in creating perfect 90 degree angles while assembling all our stretcher bars frames. No Rubber or Vinyl Splines: Our canvases do not use splines thus eliminating the risk of the spline popping out --which produces a loose canvas which will ultimately need re-stretching. Kiln Dried Stretcher Bars: : Make the frame extra strong and stable- guaranteed not to warp.

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