Grex Genesis XGi Review - Airbrushes

Grex Genesis XGi Review - Airbrushes

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Grex Double Action, Top Fed, Ergo Grip, 0.3mm Nozzle : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Grex Airbrush Cp-600Al Aluminum Cup with Lid

Grex Airbrish PREVIEW

Everything Ready in a Box To Go The Grex GCK01 combines everything a beginner airbrusher needs to easily setup their very first system. This kit includes the popular Grex Genesis.XT one of the most comfortable, easy and intuitive to use airbrushes. Along with the AC1810-A quiet mini compressor and additional accessories, this makes for a very complete kit.

Grex GCK01 Genesis XT Airbrush Combo Kit

Grex 0.3mm Fan Spray Cap - Spiracraft

Grex Tritium TS3 Double Action Pistol Style Airbrush - Spiracraft

Grex Genesis XGi3 Airbrush Review

Grex Nozzle Cap 0.7mm, For:, Genesis XGi, XSi Airbrushes, Tritium TG,TS Airbrushes, The Grex Nozzle Cap 0.7mm A044070 is the perfect accessory for

Grex Nozzle Cap 0.7mm A044070

Grex Essential Set airbrushes are created for the budget conscious artitst who still wants to benefit from the Grex airbrush system. As the name implies, these airbrush sets include the bare essentials. Not to worry, these airbrushes are fully compatible with all Grex accessories; letting you choose a less expensive option without sacrificing on all the potential features. Its the same airbrushes as you’ll find in our standard sets, minus some of the accessories.

Grex Airbrush - Genesis, XGi3.ES

Grex Tritium.TS3 and Genesis.XGi airbrushes

The Genesis.XSi is the side fed version of two new airbrushes that showcase Grex's continued efforts in airbrush innovation; focused on ergonomics and adaptability. The defining design element is the ergonomic hand grip set (patent pending) that provides improved comfort and handling. It is specifically engineered for maximum adaptability by leveraging the already wide selection of accessories available from Grex. Features: - Slip-on ergonomic grip optimized for comfort and handling.

Grex Genesis XGi3 0.3mm Nozzle Top Feed Airbrush

Grex A044032 Clear Sight Cap, 0.3mm

Grex GCK05 Genesis.XGi3 Airbrush Combo Kit

Grex Genesis XGi3.ES Essential Set - Dual Action, Top Fed, 0.3mm Nozzle - Small Addictions RC