Menzerna Polishing Compounds

Menzerna Polishing Compounds

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Menzerna Polishing Compounds is manufactured from Germany and imported into the United States in small batches.  Arguably the most popular line of polishing compounds on sale today, Menzerna Polishing Compounds have become a staple for detailers across the nation, thanks to the incredible performance they offer.  Menze

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Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound S300 polish polishing paste 250ml

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NO MORE SCRATCHES: This heavy cut polish is the ultimate allrounder polish for your car. It gets the job done without the hassle to switch between

menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Car Polish I Heavy Cut, Medium Cut & Finish I Buffing & Polishing Compound for Scratch Repair I For Scratches

Menzerna Medium Cut Polishing Compound P14F is a fast-acting polishing compound with a good cut and broad field of application. Produces cut and high gloss in one step. Menzerna solid compounds are suitable for manual workstations as well as fully automated polishing systems. In large and small series, they set consistent surface quality standards with a wide variety of work piece geometries.

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MENZERNA Metal Polish 金属抛光膏125g Made in Germany

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