Murrays 100% Pure Beeswax 4 oz (5 Pack)

Murrays 100% Pure Beeswax 4 oz (5 Pack)

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Murray's Bees Wax 4 oz Contains the finest imported Beeswax derived from the Australian Honey Bee. The excretions provide a stiff wax that is soft and easy to apply. Great for dreadlocks and other styling needs. Murray's Beeswax is easy to apply yet stiff enough for the most demanding hair styles. A must for braids dreadlocks and other hard to hold styles. Murray's imports the highest available grade of Beeswax from Australia.

Natural Look: Tailored to cover gray hairs and address sparse edges, ensuring a natural appearance and minimizing imperfections. Long-Lasting Hold: Experience a touchable yet firm hold that endures throughout the day, providing reliability and longevity.

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