NOTES Sustainable Candle Refill Kit

NOTES Sustainable Candle Refill Kit

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Description Meet the NOTES® Candle Refill Kit, because we believe in refills over landfills and a more responsible way to candle. Each Candle Refill

NOTES® Candle Refill System (@notescandle)

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Because oatmilk isn’t just for your latte – a dairy free dream of vanilla, pine, and fresh picked berries.

NOTES Sustainable Candle Refill Kit Oatmilk & Balsam Berry

NOTES Sustainable Candle Refill Non-Toxic Fragrance, Natural Wax

NOTES Candle Refill System - Sustainable Starter Kit - Watery Floral D

Enjoy fragrant candles in a whole new way. With sustainable Notes kits, you create your own filled candles - easily and without mess - then refill them again and again. Each refill kit works with the Notes Starter Candle to make one candle with 36 hours of burn time. There's no measuring. Simply add the cotton wick and wax beads to your Notes glass then light. Notes candles fill the entire room with mood-lifting fragrance.

Notes Candle Refill Kit Violet & White Iris

Starter Duo – Siblings

NON-TOXIC FRAGRANCE: Plumeria & Pink Currant | A fruity, floral and sun kissed scent that creates a warm glow, without the tan lines. THE NEW WAY TO

NOTES Sustainable Candle Refill | Non-Toxic Fragrance, Natural Wax Beads (Beeswax, Rice bran and Soy), Cotton Wick and Sustainer - (1) Vanilla

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NOTES Candle Starter Kit Glass

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