Brown #5 Nylon Coil Zippers: 3 Yards with 9 Pulls – Three Little

Brown #5 Nylon Coil Zippers: 3 Yards with 9 Pulls – Three Little

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Sallie Tomato #5 Zippers by the Yard contain 3 yards of nylon zipper tape and 9 matching metal pulls.  Coordinate the zipper tape color with your fabric and match the nylon coil color with your purse hardware!  Easily cut and sew through the nylon teeth, while achieving the professional appearance of metal teeth. There

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Adequate to Meet Your Needs: you will receive about 60 yards of nylon coil zipper rolls in 20 different colors, per color a roll and 3 yards per roll,

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#3 nylon coil zippers are lightweight and feature teeth that measure approximately 3mm (1/10 inch) wide when zipped. These #3 nylon zippers do not

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by the yard, Zipper tape width is 1 1/4 inch., Metallic Finish Nylon #5 Zipper (looks like metal zipper), 100% Nylon, Extra-wide #5 nylon-coil

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