Radiation Protection Half Blanket

Radiation Protection Half Blanket

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Lead Half-Blanket is designed to protect patient or equipment, Measures 18 x 25, Color: Royal Blue Nylon with Microfiber NonSlip Backing,

Half the Apron But a Whole Lot of Protection!

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Phillips Safety Quickship Radiation Lightweight Lead Hat with Elastic The Quickship Radiation Hat provides protection from harmful scatter radiation to the head. The elastic closure features a comfortable fit thanks to its one-size fits all technology.

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Radiation Protection Blanket for Patients

Radiation Protection Half Blanket

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Care of Aprons Optimize the usage of your recently purchased apron by respecting a few simple suggestions: Storage: Don’t fold, crease, drape or sit

Radiation Protection Lead Half Blanket - 18 X 25 - .50Pb - Dental XRay