S-Lon Micro Cord

S-Lon Micro Cord

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S-Lon Micro Macrame/Kumihimo Cord, 12/77 yard spool, Spring Mix (colors 1C-12C) – Garden of Beadin

C-Lon Micro Cord Tex 70 for Beading, Micro Macrame, Kumihimo and More.

PEPPERELL-Stretch Magic Double Pack. Stretch Magic is the world's best selling stretchy jewelry cord. It's perfect for just about any beading work because it's strong elegant in appearance and it stretches like elastic making your jewelry easy to wear and remove. The secret is a high-tech polymer that will not crack or harden over time. Non-fraying ends makes beading so easy. This value pack contains one 25m spool of 1mm wide Stretch Magic Cord and one 5m spool of 0.8mm wide Stretch Magic Cord.

S Lon Bead Cord Blue Tones Mix

Thread Specifications and Notes

The Beadsmith S-Lon #18 Cord – Vintage Jade Color - Tube of 4 spools - 77 Yards - Ideal for Stringing Beading Crochet and Micro-Macrame Jewelry- Compatible with Kumihimo Projects

SLMC-BLK - S-Lon Micro Bead Cord - Black

Beadsmith S-Lon #18 Cord, Multipack with 12 Spools Jordan

Marion Jewels in Fiber - News and Such: C-Lon versus S-Lon

SLON BLACK Micro Cord Quality Beads and Tools for hand-made jewelry

S-Lon Micro Cord, PURPLE – Beads and Crystals Dublin Ireland

S-Lon Micro Cord Rose – Jennifer Wiles Studio