Using the Knit Picker

Using the Knit Picker

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Sue Thompson shows you how to use the NitPicker to repair snags in your clothing

Texi 4049 - Knit picker - needle for pulling threads

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The knit picker is a handy little repair tool. Use the knit picker to hide pulls in knit garments. Push the hook up from the inside of the garment,

Dritz Knit Picker

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DRITZ-Knit Picker is a tiny latch hook that grabs the snag and then pulls it through to the wrong side and it's fixed. Knit Picker has a 3 latch hook

Knit Picker Snag Nab It (Knit Picker Deluxe)

Knit picker, length 80 mm - TEXI 4049 - Strima

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