Water Based Lacquers

Water Based Lacquers

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EM7000HBL High Build WB Spray Lacquer, EMTECH EM6000 WB Production Lacquer

Lucid Water Based Clear Gloss Wood Lacquer Liquid

Colour of spruce wood surfaces coated with specific lacquers before and

Chimiver industry water-based lacquers for parquet ensure very

Water based Lacquers Woodfinishers Weblog

General Finishes water-based Pre-Cat Lacquer clear-drying wood finish uses new technology in the polymer manufacturing process. This novel formula produces a smaller and smoother polymer particle, which translates into a big increase in film clarity. In addition, the chemical, water and yellowing resistance are superior to competitors, waterborne or solvent. With superior block resistance and stack time at a great price point, this the perfect finish when fast production time is needed.

General Finishes Enduro Water Based Pre-Cat Lacquer Satin, 1 Gallon

White Water Based Heat Seal Lacquers, Packaging Type: Box at Rs

Enduro Pre Cat Lacquer: Water Based Finish

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Our One coat water-based peel off base coat is the perfect base for any nail polish, and especially for polishes that are difficult to remove like glitters and flakies. This base coat makes removal of any kind of nail art quick and easy. To use, apply to clean, dry nails, then paint as usual. See below for full instructions. Instructions: For best results, ensure your nails are clean, dry, and oil-free. A quick swipe with acetone or a nail dehydrator may be helpful.

Water-based Black Peel Off Base Coat